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Image by Meritt Thomas

The Faerie

Do you believe?

Did you see that? A flicker of delicate wing through the leaves...
Faerie folk are very shy, but if you are kind to them they will show you many fascinating things...ancient magic that is only whispered on the wind. 
If the time is right and we send out a wish, she might just come to play.



Box of Wonder

Magic that is yours to keep.

An important tool for all new students of magic. Hand-picked moments of wonder for the intrepid and curious among you. It is time to choose the magic you most want to make and create mysteries for yourself and those around you. What secrets lie inside?



Mephisto's Curious Collection of Delectable Delights

Need we say more?

Magical confectioners since 1302 (and a personal favourite of The Wizard), Merphiso's offers a selection of up to fourteen thousand enchanted sweets - available to you for the first time, before they disappear that is.


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