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Best Birthday Party Magician Cape Town _

Wizard Magic Show:

Cape Town's One and Only Wizard

Best Birthday Party Magician Cape Town _


Surprise Gift

The birthday child will receive a magical hand-delivered gift the day before the show, to build excitement.


Enchanted Keepsake

During the show, the birthday child will help to make their own special keepsake appear.


Magical Pet

The Wizard will even bring along his special pet. Here's a clue:
She breathes fire!


Tasty Treat

To make sure that everyone joins in the fun, the whole party will do some magic together - making for a very sweet end to the show.


One of the most beautiful things we can experience is the mysterious

The Wizard Magic Show is a whirlwind performance with fun and laughter for the whole family. The mystery and excitement starts days before the show even begins and brings the children into an exciting story, as the kids help to do the magic.

On the day of the party, a friendly and whimsical Wizard appears in the living room and reveals some of his favourite pieces of magic from a dusty old spell book. 


With exclusive illusions as well as storybook and theatrical elements, an entire world unfurls right in your living room - giving children an experience they will remember for a long time to come! 

While The Wizard entertains, adults are welcome to watch the show or take the time to relax.The show uses no chemicals, is safe, fun and entertaining. Jesse is an expert in working with children and aims to ensure that the party is a success!

We loved the show! Jesse was more than just a magician who turned up to do a few tricks at the party. He offered a whole experience with a theme that was carried through right from the start.


—  Fiona

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